Shock Video: Amazon Security Guard Attempts to Execute Supervisor Before Being Killed by Police

Shock Video: Amazon Security Guard Attempts to Execute Supervisor Before Being Killed by Police
Screenshot | Surveillance footage via @unlimited_ls

A security supervisor narrowly escaped with his life after a trainee attempted to execute him at point-blank range at an Amazon facility in Ohio this week, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded on Sunday afternoon in West Jefferson, a village on the outskirts of Columbus.

Authorities say Ali Hamsa Yusuf, 22, a security guard in training at an Amazon warehouse was not supposed to be carrying a firearm when he open fire upon his colleague.

“West Jefferson Chief Brandon Smith said that security at the Amazon facility is contracted with another company and the security guards are unarmed. The supervisor told investigating officers he noticed his trainee had been gone for longer than what a normal break would be and then heard shots being fired,” The Columbus Dispatch reports.

Surveillance footage of the assassination attempt and ensuing shootout with police has been circulating on social media.


Yusuf can be seen walking up behind his would-be victim as he sits facing a computer screen, pulling a pistol from his pants, racking the slide, and discharging the weapon at point-blank range.

Incredibly, the supervisor was not struck and managed to flee to safety and call 911.

“He was my trainee,” he told the emergency dispatcher. “He shot at me twice but he missed. He almost executed me. He is leaving the parking lot as we speak in a car.”

A short time later, officers were staking out an apartment complex where Yusuf was believed to reside when they encountered him and a pursuit ensued.

The suspect exited his vehicle at a busy intersection and opened fire on police, striking one officer in his bulletproof vest.

Authorities returned fire and Yusuf suffered life-ending wounds.

An investigation is ongoing.

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