Shock Video: Hundreds of Illegals Flood Penn Station In NYC

Shock Video: Hundreds of Illegals Flood Penn Station In NYC
Screenshot | X | @ViralNewsNYC

Penn Station was slammed by hundreds of illegal aliens arriving to New York City this week, according to reports. 

Footage shot by journalists with Viral News NYC shows a massive crowd of illegal migrants making their way through the transit hub under the guidance of activists and NYPD officers on Tuesday.

“They are believed to come from Texas, from Texas to NJ from NJ to NYC, then were placed in cabs and were taken to the Roosevelt Migrant intake center,” Viral News NYC reported on X. 

“I have not seen this many migrants arrive in months.”

Hours before publishing the shocking footage, the outlet hinted at potential political damage it might inflict, writing, “The mayor and his staff are about to have a heart attack after they see what I post.”

Multiple ‘migrants’ in the crowd were reportedly covered in gang tattoos.

While many illegal aliens continue to arrive to the Big Apple via buses sent from Texas, a nearly equal amount have been flying into the NYC metro region via a Biden administration program that has enabled hundreds of thousands of ‘migrants’ to travel by plane directly into the U.S. in the past 18 months.

Out of approximately 150,000 illegals who have flooded NYC in the past two years, around 37,000 were bused in by Texas and roughly 33,000 came by plane, according to data analyzed by the Center for Immigration Studies.

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