Shock Video: Mob of Illegals Beat Up NYPD Officers

Shock Video: Mob of Illegals Beat Up NYPD Officers

Illegal aliens were arrested and released without bail after a mob attacked police officers in New York City over the weekend, according to reports. 

The shocking incident unfolded at around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday night in Manhattan. 

A pair of New York Police Department (NYPD) officers approached a group of people loitering near Times Square and told them to disperse or gather elsewhere. 

Members of the group initially began walking away but suddenly a melee broke out as officers attempted to apprehend one of the men for unknown reasons. 

NYPD released surveillance footage of the ensuing brawl. 

Approximately a dozen people can be seen swarming the officers as they wrestle with the primary suspect on the ground. 

Multiple assailants deliver punches and kicks to the officers’ bodies and heads before they all flee the scene. 

Four suspects were quickly arrested, charged with assault, and released without bail, according to the New York Post

A fifth suspect was apprehended on Monday and charged with attempted assault of a police officer. 

All have been identified as “asylum seekers” ranging in age between 19 and 24 years old. 

One of the suspects already has two open cases against him in Manhattan for assault and robbery.

Separately, footage purportedly showing Venezuelan illegal aliens being confronted for shoplifting at a mall in Queens was posted on social media on Monday.

InfoWars has been documenting mounting chaos in New York City caused by the arrival of more than 160,000 illegal migrants since early 2022.

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