“Sophisticated” Gang of Illegals Arrested for Robbing Dozens of Victims in NYC Crime Spree

“Sophisticated” Gang of Illegals Arrested for Robbing Dozens of Victims in NYC Crime Spree
Screenshot | NYPD

More than 60 people were robbed by a gang of illegal aliens during a crime spree across New York City in recent months, according to reports. 

On Monday, NYPD officers arrested at least five suspects at a ‘safe house’ in the Bronx. 

Authorities believe the suspects, who are all believed to be illegal aliens from Venezuela, have been operating a “sophisticated” criminal network headed by a Venezuelan man named Victor Parra. 

Thugs taking orders from Parra targeted at least 62 victims, nearly all of whom were women, stealing purses, cell phones, and other valuables, investigators say. 

The suspects often rode up to their victims on scooters in order to carry out robberies and quickly flee, causing some women to suffer serious injuries while trying to defend themselves and their property, as surveillance footage shows. 

“Detectives believe the suspects were snatching the phones to access the Apple Pay feature, and using credit cards linked to the phones to buy items in the U.S. or Central America,” ABC6 reports. 

Many of the stolen phones were wiped clean and sent to Colombia, presumably to be resold, according to police.

Authorities are now looking into whether any of the illegal aliens arrested for attacking NYPD officers near Times Square last week are connected to the criminal network.

InfoWars has been documenting mounting chaos in New York City caused by the arrival of more than 160,000 illegal migrants since early 2022.

This article was originally published by InfoWars.com

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