Swiss Man Facing Eviction to Make Room for 'Refugees' in His Home

Swiss Man Facing Eviction to Make Room for 'Refugees' in His Home
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A Swiss citizen is facing eviction from his longtime home, which will later be used to house 'refugees,' according to reports.

The tenant, a 47-year-old man who raised his children in the government-owned residence in the municipality of Seegräben, was notified his lease will not be renewed and that he must clear out by May 31, 2023.

"I am incredibly sad. I have lived here for over 15 years. My children grew up in this apartment," he told 20 Minutes. "I would never have expected it."

"I am scared. I don't think I will find another affordable place to live in the area in the next three months that can accommodate myself, my children who visit me every two weeks, and my pets."

Initially, authorities claimed the village had not met its refugee resettlement obligations as set forth under cantonal guidelines, and thus needed to secure housing for more 'asylum seekers.'

However, amid public outcry and an investigation by local media, officials admitted the quota had already been fulfilled and blamed a 'miscalculation' for the error.

Nonetheless, they say the eviction will still take place in order to make room for future 'refugees' due to a 'nationwide increase in asylum applications.'

"Nevertheless, the termination will not be withdrawn. But we will certainly accommodate the tenant with the notice period," municipal clerk Marc Thalmann told 20 Minutes. "The need for living space will exist until you move out."

Citizens of European countries are increasingly finding themselves being ordered to vacate their homes in favor of 'asylum seekers.'

"Switzerland now has two (publicly known) cases where tenants are being kicked out of their homes to make room for refugees. And one case where the village council decided (without asking their citizens) to spend over 1 million francs to buy an apartment to host refugees," a source in Switzerland told Infowars Europe.

"There are several similar cases in Germany, as well – the most outrageous one being in Berlin, where the church is throwing 110 seniors out of a nursing home for the same reasons. Not only we have to welcome refugees from everywhere, either legal or illegal, finance and support them, but we now also have to make way and give them our homes! Sooner than later, the foot people will have enough."

Earlier this month, dozens of residents of Lörrach, a German town on the Swiss border, were told their rental contracts were being terminated as their apartments are "particularly suitable" for refugee resettlement.

"As you know, Germany has seen a significant influx of refugees from Ukraine and other regions of the world. The city of Lörrach and the district are also obliged to accommodate refugees," officials explained in a letter to the victims.

The number of illegal aliens entering Switzerland is soaring, along with asylum requests, as Infowars previously reported.

Approximately 24,500 asylum applications were filed in 2022, a 64% jump from the previous year.

The State Secretariat for Migration projects that number could be as high as 40,000 in 2023.

Separately, an additional 75,000 asylum claims were submitted in 2022 by people from Ukraine.

This article was originally published by InfoWars Europe.


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