Texas Investigates Nonprofits’ Role in Migrant ‘Invasion’

Texas Investigates Nonprofits’ Role in Migrant ‘Invasion’
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Texas officials are investigating non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) apparent role in helping illegal aliens enter the state.

Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office says it is looking into three legal aid groups suspected of “aiding and abetting [an] invasion.”

A media headline claimed Gov. Greg Abbott’s call for an investigation was made “without evidence,” but video footage revealed how a caravan of more than 1,000 illegal aliens was recently shepherded across the Rio Grande into El Paso. Prior to the crossing, Mexican police had released the migrants to various non-governmental organizations.

While blasting Abbott for “intimidat[ing] humanitarian organizations working on the front lines,” the El Paso-based Hope Border Institute (HBI) didn’t expressly deny its activities or agenda. “This is a moment for border communities to come together. We need the support and collaboration of the government at all levels,” said HBI executive director Dylan Corbett.

In fact, nonprofits are benefiting from Biden’s rolling border disaster. San Antonio-based Endeavors received hundreds of millions of dollars in no-bid federal contracts to lodge and transport migrants. Endeavors uses government funds to provide a full suite of perks at hotels, including laundry services, in-room meal delivery, 24-hour security and even mattress choices.

Not coincidentally, a Biden transition team official was hired by Endeavors shortly before it landed its lucrative contracts.

Catholic Charities also faces scrutiny for “facilitating the movement of illegal immigrants across [the] border.” A letter from four U.S. congressmen, including two from Texas, asked the group for an accounting of “expenditures submitted for reimbursement from the federal government related to migrants encountered at the southern border.”

Now Texas Attorney General Paxton’s office is questioning three legal aid groups it suspects of supporting an “invasion of illegal aliens.” In a news release, Paxton said he is requesting information on activities by the Equal Justice Center, the Tahirih Justice Center and American Gateways.

Whatever these investigations turn up, it’s clear that the symbiotic relationship between government and nonprofits runs deep, with Abbott acknowledging that his busing of some 13,000 migrants into the U.S. interior is being coordinated through non-governmental organizations.

This article was originally published by FAIR.

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