Texas Mirage: CBP Floats New Border Wall Project

Texas Mirage: CBP Floats New Border Wall Project
Efraín González | Twitter

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is floating a plan to construct up to 20 miles of new border barriers along the Rio Grande in Texas. But since President Joe Biden promised not to build one more foot of wall, it’s almost certain that the CBP proposal isn’t serious. Rather it’s a straw man to be knocked down through a choreographed “public input” process.

There may be political reasons for CBP to be talking about border barriers with the 2024 elections upcoming. Yet there’s nothing to indicate such chatter will amount to anything.

The circular and utterly insincere nature of the process was foreshadowed back in January 2022 when CBP solicited comments on the potential impacts of border wall development in the lower Rio Grande Valley. To no one’s surprise, the 86-mile barrier project discussed at that time has gone nowhere.


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