The Worst Is Yet to Come: Prepare for "Climate Migration"

The Worst Is Yet to Come: Prepare for "Climate Migration"
Henry Wilkins | VOA

By Raw Egg Nationalist

The situation at the southern border with Mexico is a disaster.

Last month, illegal crossings by “families” – or more accurately, adults with children who may or may not be their own – reached a record high. At least 91,000 migrants crossed with children, surpassing the previous record of 84,486 in May of 2019. Border Patrol made nearly 180,000 arrests along the border in August, up from 132,000 in July and just under 100,000 in June.

Looking at these numbers, you could be forgiven for thinking things couldn’t get much worse. How many more people can come?

Truth is, things can always get worse, and there are plenty more people who can come. Not just thousands or hundreds of thousands, but millions, even tens of millions. Maybe more. Let me tell you about “climate migration."

The climate migration narrative is very simple. Catastrophic climate change is inevitable. Whatever changes we make now and in the coming years, however much carbon we can avoid releasing into the atmosphere – the planet is still going to heat beyond its tipping point. Large swathes of the globe, in a broad band around the equator, will become uninhabitable in just a few decades’ time.

These are the most densely populated regions of the planet, so billions of people are at risk of death. As many of these people as can leave, will try. And where will they go? To the West – to America, Canada, New Zealand and northern Europe, all of which will be spared the worst ravages of climate change. We will still be able to grow food here, and although the weather will be much worse and more unpredictable, it will still be a paradise by comparison with the burning, hurricane-and-flood-ravaged desert that will be the rest of the world.

All the great migrations of the past – the Rhine crossings that brought about the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the displacements at the end of the Second World War, the Partition of India, the Migrant Crisis of 2015 – will pale by comparison with the never-ending stream of migrants fleeing the effects of climate change. By boat, on foot, however they can get here.

You may not believe that this is going to happen, but world leaders do.

At the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos this year, Al Gore gave a blustering speech in which he warned of a coming wave of “over one billion climate refugees." This unprecedented migration will make Western nations “lose our capacity for self-governance.”

This is the basic narrative of climate migration. I call it the basic scenario. There’s also an advanced scenario, and it involves a deranged plan to ship as many of these future migrants as possible to the West right now, in order to minimise their suffering. The case for this advanced scenario is set out in the book Nomad Century, by Gaia Vince, which has received significant publicity since its release last year. I recommend reading this book yourself if you have the time.

Because the West is responsible for climate change, having emitted the majority of greenhouse gases that have heated our world beyond its limits, and because the West will escape the worst effects, Vince claims we have an unquestionable moral duty to do everything we can to protect those whose lives will be ruined by our greed and shortsightedness. That means a deliberately planned migration on a scale never seen before.

Of course, as Al Gore warned us, our current political structures will be unable to cope with such numbers of people arriving. According to Vince – and I suspect the arch-globalist Gore believes the same, as well – this is actually the great benefit of climate migration.

Climate migration offers us the perfect opportunity to rid ourselves of the last vestiges of the tribal identities – nationhood, ethnicity – that have supposedly caused so much harm and held humanity back in its quest for moral advancement. With new supra-national political structures, and the native peoples of the West massively outnumbered in their own homelands, we can at last build societies that are truly tolerant, inclusive, sustainable and fair for all. Well, almost everybody.

This sounds like a nightmare, I know, but we must wake up and face the reality of what is being planned. International legal precedents for climate migration have already been established, including by the UN Human Rights Committee, which in 2020 ruled that a state cannot send migrants back to their homes if they are judged to be at risk from the effects of global warming.

Western leaders have already accepted collective responsibility, on our behalf, for climate change. At the COP27 conference, for example, a number of Western nations agreed, in principle, to the idea of “climate reparations” for poorer nations that would supposedly suffer the disproportionate effects of our emissions.

And, of course, the climate hysteria is only growing. “The era of global boiling has arrived,” proclaimed UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, in July.

This is just the beginning.

Mass immigration has been used as a tool of deliberate social engineering in the West for decades. Our leaders have used it to make our beautiful, flourishing nations virtually unrecognisable, to draw us to the brink of chaos. Given the chance, they will go further still. Even if they don’t end up importing hundreds of millions or billions from the Third World, with the threat of climate change our leaders will have the excuse to bring as many people here as they need to realise their dreams of global government and the end of the nation-state.

The fightback begins with brave organisations like Border Hawk, our eye on the border, but it can only end with a determined political movement that totally rejects the premises – both scientific and moral – of climate migration.

Raw Egg Nationalist is the best-selling author of The Eggs Benedict Option and Editor-in-Chief of Man's World Magazine.

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