Thousands of Illegals Swarming Denver

Thousands of Illegals Swarming Denver
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Thousands of illegal aliens have arrived in Denver, CO, in recent weeks as the Biden border crisis rages on, according to reports.

Nearly 4,000 migrants have showed up Colorado’s capital city in the past month, many of whom have been bused onward to other sanctuary cities by Gov. Jared Polis.

The vast majority of recent arrivals to the Mile High City are reportedly Venezuelan nationals who illegally crossed the U.S. southern border before continuing deeper into the interior.

“It’s the easiest place, closest to Texas, and there are people who’ll help immigrants here,” Venezuelan citizen Javier Guillen told the Associated Press.

As many as 200 migrants have been entering Denver every day.

The city has reportedly converted at least three recreation centers into emergency shelters, and even paid for migrant families to stay in hotels.

Jorge Ventura, a correspondent for the Daily Caller, has interviewed migrants in Denver, many of whom are living in homeless shelters, potentially displacing destitute American citizens.

“The mayor of Denver is asking the federal government for reimbursement on funds used on sheltering 1500-1600 migrants per night,” Ventura reported last week.

“Denver isn’t a border town but now is feeling the impact of the border crisis.”

Approximately 70% of ‘new arrivals’ do not have Colorado as their intended final destination, and many have moved onward — some with the help of the state.

The governor’s office recently announced hundreds of migrants were being loaded onto buses bound for cities further north, such as Chicago and New York City, at a cost of millions of dollars.

However, amid pressure from activist groups and mayors of overloaded sanctuary cities, Gov. Polis said the program would be wound down and ended.

“The State of Colorado has been assisting the city of Denver and partnering with nonprofits to help migrants fleeing violence and oppression reach their desired final destination. These actions have been conducted in a culturally competent manner, in the most humane possible way, and in coordination with the emergency operations teams in the receiving communities,” the governor’s office said in a press release on Saturday.

“Now that nationwide travel has returned to the status quo because the holidays and the impact of weather have normalized transportation pathways, Colorado has been in the process of scaling back this transportation.”

Gov. Polis called on the Biden regime to provide more work permits to illegal aliens and “finally pass real immigration reform,” which is politically-charged language that often refers to amnesty of some kind.

The editorial board of the Denver Gazette published a scathing op-ed last month, writing, “As illegal immigrants continue arriving by busloads — a safe bet — Colorado’s woke politicians had best not complain. They asked for it. They have signaled their virtue. Now they must prove it.”

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