Tourists on Jet Skis Gunned Down by Algerian Coast Guard After Crossing Maritime Border

Tourists on Jet Skis Gunned Down by Algerian Coast Guard After Crossing Maritime Border
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Two men were shot dead by Algerian authorities and a third arrested after a group of tourists crossed a maritime border on jet skis this week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Tuesday in waters near the border of Morocco and Algeria.

Four men on holiday in the seaside resort of Saidia departed Moroccan territory on personal watercraft before running into trouble.

“Bilal Kissi, who lived in France, had left Saidia with his older brother Mohamed, their Moroccan cousin Abdelali Mechouar and their friend Smail Snabe, also said to be French-Moroccan, on jet skis on Tuesday,” AFP reports.

Mohamed Kissi would later tell local media that the men became disoriented after a meal in a nearby town.

“We took our jet skis and set off from the Marina towards Cap de l’eau. We branched off via Sid El Bachir where we had eaten fish before turning back,” Kissi explained to le360.

“Around 5:30 p.m., we got lost. We were running out of gas for the jet skis and were drifting. In the dark, we found ourselves in Algerian waters.”

An Algerian coast guard vessel approached the men and after a brief interaction, they attempted to travel back west toward Morocco.

Suddenly, bullets began flying as the Algerians opened fire, Kissi said.

Bilal Kissi, 29, and Mechouar, 40, were struck and killed, while Snabe was reportedly wounded and taken into custody.

Mohamed Kissi managed to escape and was picked up by the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie.

“They knew well that we were unarmed,” Kissi said.

“My little brother chatted with them and yet they still fired.”

Moroccan authorities have reportedly launched an investigation into the incident.

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