Two More Years of Biden. What Can Be Done About the Border?

Two More Years of Biden. What Can Be Done About the Border?
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It’s January 20. That means we are halfway through Joe Biden’s presidential term.

Biden has presided over the massive Biden Border Rush, bringing in millions of illegal aliens, about half of whom are allowed to stay.

This is not due to incompetence or neglect. It’s administration policy.

At the midpoint of Biden’s term, what can be done?

It does indeed look grim.

But those of us who support a sane, America First immigration policy can’t just sit on our hands for two years and hope for a better administration in 2025. Things must be done now. Bold action must be taken.

I’d like to humbly suggest five areas in which we can work against the Biden Border Rush.


Most Americans don’t support what is transpiring on the border. The problem is, many of them aren’t really aware of how bad things have gotten.

That’s why we need to continue to inform the public of what is going on. Proclaim it on social media. Write a letter to your local paper. Get involved in your local political party and inform party activists.

Don’t forget, BorderHawk.News is a major source of information on the border.   Use it to inform the public.


Immigration is both a local and national issue. It affects every state.

Communicate with your local officials, and representatives and senators at the state and federal levels. Keep informing them.

If your officials don’t care enough about the issue, consider running for office yourself.


Democrats control the Senate and Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives.

Republican leadership in the House needs to make the border the number one issue.

Of course, the House can’t pass laws without the Senate.

But it can prevent worse laws from being passed. Representatives can make a lot of noise and inform the public.

Truly courageous House leadership could refuse to pass any legislation unless the administration changes its border policy.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy should announce no bills will be passed until the Biden Border Rush is ended.

No budgets. No continuing resolutions. No aid for Ukraine. Nothing.

This would, at least, get their attention.

And the House should hold public hearings. Bring Secretary of Homeland Security [sic] Alejandro Mayorkas to Capitol Hill. Grill him on the border. Make an example of him.

If the House has the votes for it, use impeachment. Impeach the whole lot of ‘em – President Biden, Vice-President Kamala Harris, Mayorkas, Attorney General Merrick Garland, etc. Impeach ‘em all.

Yes, we know the Senate is not going to remove these people, but it’s called making a statement. At the very least, the House should put the border front and center.

It could prepare the ground for the 2024 elections.


Use the law. Use the courts. Democrats have been successful at this for decades.

The immigration restrictionist side has had some recent success with it, as well. Build on that.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is suing the Biden administration for nullifying the public charge policy.

We need more of this sort of thing. Use the courts!


State governments must take bold action to protect our border.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been working on this. But he must do more.

Abbott needs to activate more National Guard troops and law enforcement personnel and really shut down the Texas border with Mexico.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is now under siege, with invaders reaching his state by sea.

This is prime time for Ron DeSantis, who has presidential aspirations, to stand up and show the country what he’s made of.

And not just Abbott and DeSantis. Other governors could and should help. For example, my home state of Oklahoma can send National Guardsmen and police personnel to Texas to help Greg Abbott.

Every pro-America governor should be sending troops and police to help Texas on the border.

After all, it’s not just the border of Texas. It’s the border of the United States of America.

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