WATCH: Boatload of Illegals Storm San Diego Beach

WATCH: Boatload of Illegals Storm San Diego Beach
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A group of illegal aliens ran into San Diego after a boat carrying them landed at a busy beach in Southern California over the weekend, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Saturday afternoon at Ocean Beach, also known as “Dog Beach.”

Local activist and frequent InfoWars guest Matt Baker shared video of the maritime incursion on social media.

“ILLEGAL ALIENS LAND On ‘Dog Beach’ OCEAN BEACH SAN DIEGO. 1 HOUR AGO,” Baker wrote. “[L]ocals laughing? Lifeguard in Hot pursuit.”

In the video, around eight people can be seen frantically jumping into shallow waters from a speed boat that had apparently barreled ashore just moments prior.

Shocked beachgoers watched and filmed as illegals sprinted up the sand — right past an arriving lifeguard vehicle.

Sirens can be heard approaching the scene but it is unclear if anyone was apprehended.

While InfoWars regularly reports on illegal entries and human smuggling busts in U.S. waters — many of which occur on the West Coast — the topic receives very little coverage from mainstream media.

However, the Wall Street Journal just published an article entitled, “California Beaches Are a New Gateway for Illegal Immigration.”

“The number of times migrants illegally entered or attempted to enter California by boat has more than doubled from 308 in the federal fiscal year that ended in September of 2020 to 736 in the same period last year, according to Customs and Border Protection,” the Journal reports.

“While most arrive around San Diego, they have ventured as far as Santa Barbara County, north of Los Angeles.”

Last month, California journalist Britt Mayer shared footage of a boat slamming into the sand at a beach in Carlsbad before around 16 illegals jumped out and ran to an SUV waiting for them in a nearby shopping center.

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