"Barbarians at the Gate" - Border Hawk on Macroaggressions Podcast

"Barbarians at the Gate" - Border Hawk on Macroaggressions Podcast

Founder of BorderHawk.News and head of Infowars Europe, Dan Lyman stops by to break down what is happening along the southern border of the United States as close to seven million illegal aliens have illegally crossed into America under the watch, and with the assistance, of the Biden regime.

With Europe dealing with a similar situation as millions of fighting-age men from Africa and the Middle East stream into Western Europe in a coordinated fashion, Dan’s team discovered how George Soros and his Open Society have partnered with Mastercard and the European Union to finance the migration with more than half a billion dollars as a way of changing the cultural makeup of the countries in their path.

Yet another Soros-financed color revolution is well underway, this time disguised as refugees and asylum seekers.

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