WATCH: Border Patrol Agent Risks Life to Rescue Drowning Illegal Alien

WATCH: Border Patrol Agent Risks Life to Rescue Drowning Illegal Alien
U.S. Border Patrol

A Border Patrol agent risked his own life to save an illegal alien from drowning in the Rio Grande, with the entire rescue captured by body-worn cameras, authorities say.

The harrowing incident unfolded near the city of El Cenizo, Texas, on December 1, but video and information were just released this week.

In dramatic point-of-view footage, a Laredo Sector Border Patrol agent can be seen jumping into the border river as another man flails in the water.

The agent manages to pull the struggling man to safety near the river bank.

“The migrant was taken into Border Patrol custody and records checks were conducted. It was revealed the migrant was in the country illegally from Guatemala,” Customs and Border Protection explained in a statement.

“The undocumented individual was processed according to his individual immigration status.”

Border Patrol reportedly conducted 1,198 rescues during the month of October alone.

Last month, a 7-year-old girl died after a “family group” of illegal aliens were swept away while crossing the Rio Grande into the U.S.

The historic surge of illegal aliens across the southern border brought on by the Biden regime has contributed to a massive spike in migrant injuriesdeaths, and drownings, as Infowars frequently reports.

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