WATCH: Gang of Armed Hispanic Thieves Raid Colorado Jewelry Shop

WATCH: Gang of Armed Hispanic Thieves Raid Colorado Jewelry Shop
Screenshot | Surveillance Footage | Joyeria el Ruby

A Colorado jewelry shop was targeted by a gang of armed thieves with “Venezuelan accents” who made off with millions in merchandise after they beat and threatened to kill employees, according to reports.

The shocking heist unfolded at around 2 p.m. on Monday in Denver.

Authorities believe eight male suspects in theirs 20s carried out the brazen robbery at Joyeria el Ruby, ultimately swiping around $2.5 million worth of jewelry in a matter of minutes, 9News reports.

Surveillance footage has been released by the owners.

Myrna Munoz said a lone man first walked into her family-run shop and shortly after, three more men wearing sunglasses entered the security cage at the entrance.

“They all pulled guns, the individual here pulled a gun then the other three did as well,” Munoz explained.

Four more suspects charged into the store and began piling jewelry into bags while customers were held at gunpoint.

Munoz can be seen fleeing through a back door, grabbing her 18-month-old son and pushing her daughter outside as her cousin and mother barricaded a connecting door.

Two suspects eventually broke through and began pistol-whipping the women and threatening to kill them if they tried to hit the panic button.

Munoz’s sister was also beaten and robbed.

“He grabbed her by the hair, took her up the stairs and told her not to move or he was going to kill her,” she said. “While she was face down on the floor, he was yanking all of her personal jewelry off.”

Munoz told authorities she thought the men were speaking with “Venezuelan accents.”

On Friday, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) announced a “law enforcement action” in El Paso in support of Denver Police and HSI Denver.

Sources told local media that a raid at an El Paso motel was linked to the Joyeria el Ruby robbery and investigation but no other details are currently available.

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