Watch: Mexican Authorities Tow Dozens of US-Bound Migrants In Disabled Big Rig

Watch: Mexican Authorities Tow Dozens of US-Bound Migrants In Disabled Big Rig
Instituto Nacional de Migración

Mexican authorities ‘rescued’ dozens of illegal migrants who were found inside a tractor-trailer abandoned on a highway this week.

On Wednesday, the National Migration Institute (INM) announced multiple ‘humanitarian’ operations that unfolded both on land and at sea.

A disabled big rig was discovered on a highway connecting Cosoleacaque and La Tinaja in the state of Veracruz.

Inside the soft-top trailer were 63 migrants, including 21 single adults from Bangladesh and India, along with adults, unaccompanied minors, and family units from Central American countries and Cuba.

INM published footage of the entire rig behind towed on the highway as the migrants continued riding in the trailer.

The migrants were transferred to the custody of various government agencies according to their statuses.

Another intervention was carried out in waters near San Francisco del Mar in Oaxaca state.

The Mexican Navy extricated 25 migrants who were ‘abandoned’ in a small vessel under circumstances that are unclear.

“In the group, 19 single adults and two family groups from the following countries were located: Cuba (9); El Salvador (1); Nicaragua (1); Ecuador (4); Guatemala (1) and Jordan (3), as well as two family units of Cuban origin and made up of six members,” INM explained in a press release.

The migrants were taken to shelters while their immigration statuses were reviewed.

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