WATCH: Texas Trooper Shocked as Illegals Fall Out of Stolen ‘Clown Car’ During Wild Pursuit

WATCH: Texas Trooper Shocked as Illegals Fall Out of Stolen ‘Clown Car’ During Wild Pursuit
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A dangerous pursuit in Texas ended with illegal aliens falling out of a moving vehicle as it careened off the road, according to reports. 

The incident unfolded near Del Rio over the weekend. 

Dashcam footage provided to Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin by the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) shows the conclusion of a wild smuggling bust on a highway near the southern border. 

“Video courtesy of TxDPS shows illegal immigrants bailing out of a human smuggler’s stolen SUV and running into the brush as they are pursued by TX troopers & Border Patrol near Del Rio, TX over the weekend. You can hear the trooper’s reaction to the chaos,” Melugin explained. 

The trooper can be heard uttering an oath as the SUV barrels into the brush and a man tumbles out of an open door onto the pavement. 

At least half a dozen more people flee the vehicle before and after it comes to a stop, as troopers surround them and begin making arrests. 

“Holy clown car, Batman!” one X user commented in response to the video. 

Melugin recently shared footage from another smuggling bust on a highway near Del Rio involving ‘gotaways’ who were caught piling into a smuggler’s SUV. 

“Video from a TxDPS helicopter shows how illegal immigrant ‘gotaways’ attempt to get deeper into the U.S. after crossing & evading,” Melugin wrote on X.  

“Watch as a group hiding in the brush off a highway in the Del Rio, TX area waits for a smuggler to pull up. TXDPS was watching – arrested all.”

Chaos unfolds constantly along the U.S.-Mexico border, as Infowars regularly reports.

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