WATCH: The Invasion Will Not Be Televised

WATCH: The Invasion Will Not Be Televised

Watch Border Hawk Editor-in-Chief Dan Lyman's full speech and presentation at the VDARE 2024 Conference in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.

Full transcript courtesy of VDARE Editor Peter Brimelow: I said when I was introducing Keith Woods that one of the great things about getting old is you find a lot of younger and betterer people coming along. And Dan Lyman, who runs Border Hawk, is another example of this.

Border Hawk is essentially a news aggregator, but it also does original reporting. And this model is what I was repeatedly told I should adopt at as a line extension. But we never had the bandwidth.

So as I said, Dan is a lot younger than I am. He’s a bit older than Keith, but he and his wife are having their second child soon. [Applause] Take that, Great Replacement!

Thank you, Dan. [Laughter]

Dan Lyman: Good morning. Can everyone hear me all right? I don’t want to blow out the mic here. Well first, I want to say thank you to PeterLydia, the rest of the Brimelow family for putting on this event under immense pressure right now. Huge amounts of stress. They’re going through a lot. We’re praying for a miracle for them. We do want to see continue on and on for many decades with their wonderful work. So I just want to give a round of applause. [Applause] Thank you. Great.

So I’m Dan Lyman. I’m the president and editor in chief of Border Hawk. I met many of you at last year’s conference and some of you will be familiar with the organization, but we’re going to run through a little introduction for those of you who aren’t familiar, and then we’re going to show you some of our reporting over the last year that we think is going to be of interest to you.

A few days ago, I received an email from the contemptible vermin at the Southern Poverty Law Center, notifying me that they were working on a hit piece about me and Border Hawk ahead of this conference. They posed a handful of ridiculous, disingenuous questions, which I perused, had a good laugh over, and then ignored. The article came out on Tuesday. Peter actually notified me, I hadn’t even seen it. It had been out for hours. That’s how much of a splash it made. I didn’t even know. And I thought it would be entertaining to introduce you all to Border Hawk through the warped lens of the SPLC. So this is their words.

An immigration news aggregator website making inroads with mainstream conservative outlets for its reporting on border issues is pushing bigoted conspiracy theories, and its staff is associating with the white nationalist hate group, VDARE, a Hatewatch investigation has found

[White Nationalist Conference To Host Immigration News Aggregator With Ties to Mainstream Conservatives, by Caleb Kieffer,, April 24, 2024

Guilty as charged. We’re associating with all of you.

This includes a scheduled appearance for one of the websites’ staff to speak at VDARE’s conference this week. is a news and article aggregator platform with connections to the organized anti-immigrant network founded by the late John Tanton, a white nationalist and eugenicist who is credited as being the architect of the modern-day anti-immigrant movement. Border Hawk has been getting airtime from such conservative news outlets as One America News. Its footage was also used in a segment on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program in November 2023.

And I will add, we actually did a live interview with her a couple of months ago.

Border Hawk’s staff openly affiliate with VDARE, one of the most prolific white nationalist hate groups in the country, including sharing a writer who has been a decades-long contributor at VDARE’s website.

That’s the great Allan Wall. We salute Allan. I’m sure he’s watching. Great writer, prolific.

Border Hawk appears to subscribe to the racist Great Replacement conspiracy theory and ideas of there being a migrant invasion happening at the U.S. southern border. This is the same sort of content that appears on In a December 2023 post titled "We Need Your Help to Stop the Invasion," Border Hawk staff wrote, "The Great Replacement is real." The same content is pinned to the top of the group’s X page. The Great Replacement is a racist conspiracy theory that claims white people in white majority nations are being replaced by non-white immigrants and people of color who are often framed as being inferior to the dominant population and culture. [Some links added]

So we’re done with the SPLC’s introduction of Border Hawk. Of course, the Great Replacement is real, and the SPLC plays a key role in its implementation, chiefly by working to destroy anyone who dares even hint at the existence of this open conspiracy. At the time of this speech, the SPLC’s post on Twitter has racked up a whopping 12 likes. And five comments, all of which are in support of Border Hawk, despite the fact that the SPLC and HateWatch, their organization, have more than half a million followers on X.

So I welcome all of you in pressing ”S” to spit on the SPLC.

And I will say, when we win and the mass deportations kick into high gear, if a few goons from that wretched organization somehow get swept up in an ICE raid and marched unceremoniously onto an outbound bus or cargo ship, you won’t find me shedding a tear.

Moving on, we’ve got a lot to cover. Some of that backstory on Border Hawk is true, factually true. I was brought on board at John Tanton’s organization, U.S. Inc., in 2020, which was run at the time by my dear mother, Isabel Lyman, to start Border Hawk.

Before the unfortunate closure of U.S. Incorporated in 2022, we were able to rescue Border Hawk and spun it out into its own standalone nonprofit organization, which I’m now running.

Border Hawk is a trim outfit with just a few contributors and reporters, but we’re now regarded as one of the best immigration and border-specific news outlets in the country, partly because we have so little competition, and largely because we’re very good at what we do and we’re getting better at it every day. Ironically, virtually everyone who works for or with Border Hawk is Hispanic or married to a Hispanic.

So we may not be welcomed by the White Nationalist factions for much longer now that we’ve revealed that!

For this year’s presentation, I want to walk you through some of our biggest and most important reports of the past six months to show you what we are accomplishing on a shoestring budget with a skeleton crew, while most of the Main Stream Media and even larger conservative outlets either gloss over, ignore, or outright obfuscate the horrible reality of the ongoing invasion. 

We’ve broken some massive stories that have racked up tens of millions of views in the past year and drawn favorable attention and coverage from the likes of Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Kari Lake, the top shows at Fox News, One America News, Newsmax, Alex Jones, Matt Walsh at The Daily Wire, Jack Posobiec, just to name a few.

The head of a very prominent conservative publication, all of you would recognize, expressed his dismay to me recently in a call and said that “Border and immigration reporting is still being left primarily to rogue operations like Border Hawk” and he said he doesn’t think anyone else is doing it quite like we are doing it.

So, let’s watch some reports. I think you’re going to like this. One of the things that sets us apart from the competition, of which there isn’t much, is that we report from both sides of the border. We go into Mexico as well. We have a correspondent stationed in Mexico. We have colleagues in Mexico. We just returned from reporting in Mexico and as you’ll find even with the big reporters like Bill Melugin, who does do a great job on the U.S. side, they generally never go into Mexico and the Mexican reporters are disappointed in that because you get a completely different perspective.

So, we have a correspondent based in Mexico. As I said, Spanish is his first language. He is actually learning English as he is reporting for us. He does incredible work. And I’m going to run you three quick reports that we put out in succession, one month to the next October, November and early January of this year. All of them were bombshell reports. All of them garnered massive attention and even attracted, like I said, Elon Musk, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. So, there’s three reports. They’re one minute each and I’m going to preface what we found in these reports.

The first is that we were the only news outlet to have a camera rolling when Border Patrol deployed a forklift to raise the razor wire at the border that Texas had erected and to allow hundreds of illegal aliens to come in. Many of you probably saw that footage. That’s our exclusive footage.

The next is the next month in the same area in a shelter in Piedras Negras, which is directly across from Eagle Pass.

We’re going to talk more about this shelter later.

Virtually all of the illegals that have come into Eagle Pass in the past couple years have come through the shelter either for a few minutes or a couple of days. We actually found out at the shelter, especially when the mass crossings were happening a couple thousand per day, that they were gathering at the shelter and they were being given GPS coordinates. We don’t know by who. We’re still trying to find out. It could be a governmental entity. It could be NGOs. It could be all of the above.

They were being told where to congregate on the banks of the Rio Grande to cross en masse and overwhelm Border Patrol and then be basically led into the U.S. That’s our second report you’re going to see. Then, in January—we actually shot footage right at the end of December. Right before there was a sea change at the border, particularly in this area, the Mexican military was actually guarding the pathways down to the Rio Grande in order to make them safer and more orderly for illegals to make their way to the U.S.

The switch was flipped a few days later and the Mexican military then started preventing them from coming across because we think a deal was struck between the Biden administration and the AMLO administration at that time. You’re going to see actually what they were doing before that deal was struck. We’re going to run these three presentations here and hope that the technology holds out.

[DAN] So he was keyed into the fact that they knew where to aggregate on the border. And the next report, you’ll see actually how they knew. I’m bringing the volume up a tiny bit, Noah, okay?

[DAN] The Sea of Humanity, entering the U.S., very highly coordinated. This is the final report I’ll show you. You’ll see Mexican soldiers actually guarding the pathways that they used to get to the river.

[DAN] That operation continues to this day, although it’s starting to show cracks. There has been a lull at the beginning of the year. That happens every year in the winter. So, you know, it’s debatable as to what exactly is causing that or if it’s a confluence of factors. Texas, of course, is doing a bit better job defending the border there.

But what we learned is, you know, it’s really the Mexicans that have control. They have the gate that they can open and close as they choose at this point. And so, but you see when they want people coming through, they make it a pathway for them. They protect them because this is a dangerous area. And there are all sorts of criminals waiting to rob these people as they make their way to the river so that the soldiers stand guard. They were very nice to us when we went.

 We were able to talk to them a little bit, interact with them because now they’re deployed for a completely different mission. And they didn’t mind us being there at all, which was great. And so, we just returned from the border. Six weeks at the border, actually. You’re going to meet our great reporter who just spent six weeks there. I went for a few days. My schedule was not quite that open. And so we went into Mexico and we shot some reports there. But for me to go down there at this time, having covered this so extensively and having not been there for a little while, it’s just shocking to see how unserious our country is, our government is, about securing our border. And you’ll see here, this is the Trump barrier, a portion of it that was built. Looks great. But you’ll see what’s not great right next to it.

[CLIP] Dan Lyman here with Border Hawk. I’m here on the ground. in Eagle Pass, Texas right on the city limit. As you can see, I’m standing in front of the wall that was constructed by the Trump administration. In the distance there, you can actually see Mexican territory. The Mexican flag is waving there. But I just want to show our viewers something that is just so absurd. And it really highlights how insane this border crisis is. Because we see that on this side, we have barrier. Over there is actually a U.S. territory before you reach the Rio Grande. But if you just follow me here, you discover that the barrier ends. There’s a massive gap. There’s a road that goes all the way down to the Rio Grande. So anyone who wants to make their way across walks up this road and illegally enters the U.S. Bypassing the border barrier, What’s the point of building it if we’re not going to build it all the way. Totally insane.

[DAN] It doesn’t make any sense. And it’s like this all along the border. And this may not cause a surprise to many of you. But seeing it in person is shocking. And that road actually leads right to the Rio Grande, as I mentioned. And it ends basically where you just saw the forklift shot happening. So you know how many people are coming through there.

There’s some chain link fence with a little bit of razor wire on top, down by the river. And that’s all there is preventing thousands and thousands of people on given days from coming into the U.S. And just walking up this road if they want to. It’s obscene.

So this is another report. I’m not going to roll a ton of this. I’m just going to get you a quick look at this. But we went into a shelter, as I mentioned, in Piedras Negras. It is technically run by a nun. But there is the presence of Catholic Charities. There’s money coming through there. There’s other NGOs, Doctors Without Borders. Looks like the American Red Cross is involved as well. And we were actually the first American journalists to take cameras into this shelter. And this shelter has been Ground Zero for the invasion of Eagle Pass.

On some days, multiple thousands of people have come through here. And they cycled them through basically in 12-hour shifts. You got a few hours to come in, attempt to gather yourselves, and maybe catch a shower. I don’t know where. And then you're bundled up and told to exit the shelter immediately. Find those GPS coordinates and get out of here and go to El Norte. And so we actually took cameras inside. Our reporter there guided us in. Thankfully, we’re the first to go in, as I mentioned. We lasted about 15 minutes in there in the middle of an interview.

Some of the illegals actually began circling us. And our security team said one of them flashed a large knife. And he said, ”It’s time to go.” So we rushed out in the middle of an interview. And I’m just going to give you like a minute or two look at what it looks like on the outside here. And how easy it would be to just go there and shut this all down. Just put the military right there and not let anyone cross.

They’re not using it so much right now. It’s a couple hundred per day. And most of them go in there and wait for their CBP1 appointments. Then they go and walk across the international bridge under the guidance of a CBP officer. They’re whitewashing the invasion now.

[DAN] That shot right there is a little store where they go in for supplies. So right now, because they’re afraid of getting busted by the military that’s on patrol, the only place, the only time they leave the shelter is to go across to the store, get some treats, get some water, whatever it is, and then come back into the shelter. And then they wait for their CBP1 appointments. But in the past, they were filing out of here by the thousands. And you can imagine, if you own that little shop, you’re pretty happy that thousands of people are coming through every day.

So there is a local economy for these folks. We’ll let you keep looking inside here while I kind of explain what we saw. We talked to these men. They just hang out there all day until they get their appointment, like I said. And we talked to one of them, and hopefully we’ll get to it in this, but obviously these are the maps that are posted throughout Mexico, basically telling the illegals what are the best routes and where you can maybe find some aid along the way, where you can cross into the U.S., where the best place is. They’re giving legal advice as to what to say to the border agents when they arrive in so that the border agents are bound by these ridiculous international treaties and U.S. laws that have to let them in and claim asylum. And so we actually talked to these men here, and one of the men told us that he was waiting for his CBP1.

He already had family and a job waiting for him in Nevada City, California, and he indicated to us that the job was at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe. And so we found that pretty interesting. So if that is true, some of the best hotels in America are depending on this constant flow of illegals too, apparently to wash the bedding and do room service and all that. So he knew where he was going. He knew what job was waiting. We found that pretty amazing. That was this fellow right here. All these reports are online. You can see them in their entirety, but we’re going to keep moving for the sake of time here.

So we departed as a group, the Border Hawk team, and left our reporter on the ground to continue his mission all the way out to California. And he got to El Paso, and at the time, at the moment, there wasn’t too much to do that day. And so he decided to drive by a local church. It’s called Sacred Heart Church in El Paso, and is known as a gathering point for illegals. And our understanding now is that the laws that border agents and immigration officials cannot enter religious premises to apprehend illegals. So they use that to their advantage there. And the church lets them stay. Up to thousands of them will be there sometimes when things are bad, they’ll be hanging out around. And in this church on this day, it looked like there were a couple of hundred. A reporter meant to just drive by and film the group outside and the general chaos going on. And unfortunately, he got stuck behind another vehicle. And the vehicle was waiting for a light or something like that, and he got stuck somewhere behind. Well, these guys that you see here, illegals, presumably gang members or future criminals in the U.S., they noticed that the camera was rolling, and they immediately started flipping him off, cursing him out in Spanish, and they circled his vehicle and tried to force entry.

They tried the door handles. He was smart enough to get his windows up in time and to also lock the doors. And they were pounding on the windows, trying to force entry to the vehicle. Who knows what would have happened if they had been able to? He was able to get away eventually, and as he was driving away, one of them threw a rock at his vehicle.

When he reported this to El Paso P.D., they basically shrugged their shoulders. So there’s not really much we can do.

[DAN] You hear them trying the door handles. Harrowing moment for this guy. I don’t know how he kept this cool. So eventually he gets away, and they threw a rock at the vehicle. Like I said, reported to El Paso .PD. They said there’s nothing that we really can do.

So we see kind of what team they’re on, or that their hands are tied, or they just don’t really care. They’re overwhelmed. Apparently these kinds of things happen all day every day outside this church. So total lawlessness on the streets of America, which you can see. So this next one, he stayed in El Paso, and some of you will have seen, of course, the totally viral border riot footage from March. That was not us. That was James Breeden, he did a fantastic job. But of course that gained international news when it happened. It was all over the place. Every news outlet had this video rolling. So you would think that the fortifications in this area at least would have been monumental afterwards.

They look like they are because they’ve rolled out more razor wire and more National Guard has been deployed to the area. However, we found out that after cover of darkness, they’re just walking illegals through the same exact gate where this happened and loading them into sheriff’s vans and driving them who knows where. So it’s this dog and pony show where you see all the National Guard out there every day walking around and all this new razor wire being rolled out.

What’s the point if you’re just going to walk them through at night? So it seems like we’re being misled on what’s actually going on in this area. I’ll just show you this briefly. This is at the same gate two weeks after the riot. This group congregated at the gate there, waited long enough. A few hours, they got sorted, processed, walked into the United States, loaded into sheriff’s vans. And the funny thing was as the sheriff’s vans pull away, van loads of National Guard come in to be deployed for the next day. What’s the point?

So we showed you where the border wall ends in Eagle Pass. This is where the border wall ends in Sunland Park. The difference between Sunland Park and Eagle Pass is that Juarez is across from Sunland Park. And while Piedras Negras is not a great place, Juarez is a really not great place. And at this point Juarez is actually under the control of the cartels and other criminal organizations as opposed to Piedras, which is generally under the control of the Mexican government.

So in Juarez you don’t see the Mexican soldiers riding around on trucks all day. They’re not really welcome to operate there in that capacity. This is the end of the border wall in Sunland. There’s nothing there. Juarez right across the way, as we show you here. Illegals can walk through this. We have criminals operating right there. There are spotters that sit on these buildings. They sit on the buildings all day, looking out for authorities on the U.S. side. The guy that we were with... They were obviously there at nightfall. He told us we were being watched in that moment. Pretty unsettling.

That cement block there is the extent of the border barrier in that area. What a joke. Insanity. And then we’ll show you what goes on in Sunland Park during daytime. They’re not even worried about cover of darkness. This road that you see kind of cutting through the center is basically the international boundary. This is illegal aliens with the help of coyotes running in from Juarez, crossing that road and entering the United States. Nothing being done to stop them. This is right down the road from where we just showed you where that border wall ends. Insanity.

Our reporter got a little fed up with watching this go down. Nobody stopping these people, them walking in. Eventually when they were picked up, if they were picked up, being loaded into Border Patrol or sheriff’s vans, and brought deeper into the country. So he started actually notifying Border Patrol every time he saw an illegal crossing and at least forcing them to recognize that it was happening. And in some cases they actually deployed assets to try to track some of these people down.

So these gentlemen were crossing into New Mexico, I believe, into Sunland Park, El Paso area. He notified Border Patrol. They had a chopper up in the air shortly afterwards looking for them. They didn’t find these two, unfortunately. In this situation, near El Paso, he was right along the border fence. It’s Mexico on the other side. A group of about 10 were dropped off right at the fence and they were trying to gain entry to the U.S. He was surprised because a Border Patrol vehicle was parked right there. Didn’t do anything, didn’t make any movement. So he just filmed the interaction. They didn’t make it in because they couldn’t gain entry. Then he went over to the Border Patrol vehicle to find out what was going on and found out that the agent was asleep in the vehicle.

This is how it goes.

 Two SUVs pull up. Ten prospective illegals try to get in. They couldn’t; they piled back into the SUVs and looked for another vulnerable point along the border. We’ll just show you how close this Patrol agent was sitting. And they weren’t phased by either, obviously. Right, incredible. Asleep at the wheel, literally. I’m going to show you this last Border Hawk, hawking the border operation here. This one was successful. He was driving through the desert in Sunland Park, saw a group of illegals running through the desert, notified Border Patrol, they were on the scene very quickly and they apprehended four illegals.

So bravo for at least getting them wrapped up. We don’t know what happens after that, but it was successful. They were actually using the booties, the slippers that they make to hide their tracks out in the desert. And we got a quick shot of that.

And I’m going to introduce you to this fine fellow and he’s going to tell you about Cartel Mountain in New Mexico. We got him. Border Hawk patrolling the border. Doing the jobs Border Patrol agents won’t do, apparently.

So I’m going to introduce you to our field reporter. It’s my brother, Wid Lyman. He has donated amazing amounts of his time to do this dangerous work, dangerous stuff. And most people would not put themselves on the border for six weeks for very little pay, but he’s done that in service of the country and service of our organization. So I want to introduce you to Wid. He’s going to talk to you real quick. [Audience applauding]

[WID] Thank you for that. As you can see, it’s a family affair, but we certainly care a lot about the issue, but we are a family up here doing our thing. So thank you all for being here. Thank you for having us. Thank you for watching our footage. I want to tell you guys a little bit about what you’re seeing on the screen here.

So between El Paso, at the west end of El Paso, New Mexico starts. And what you’re looking at here is kind of the middle part of Mount Cristo Rey. And it’s referred to by the locals as Cartel Mountain. And you can kind of see why there’s a lot of human smuggling going on during the shot right here. So I’ll explain a little bit more about it, but I want to read you guys what is on the official website for Mount Cristo Rey. It’s actually a hike. It’s a religious hike. There’s a lot of crosses and a lot of Catholic influence, if you will. So it’s a religious hike. You could do it, but if you do it, the website says, ”Due to the proximity of Mexico on the southern edge of the mountain, visitors are cautioned not to climb alone and always go in groups. Vandalism, assaults, robberies”—I will add human smuggling—”are still an ongoing problem and visitors are encouraged to visit on days when organized events are being held and security is on site.”

And actually, when you pull up to the main parking lot, there’s a giant sign that says, ”If you’re going to hike, please call the Sunland Park Police Department to let them know.” And you read all that, shocking. You get there, and this happened every single time. I went six times to the mountain, hiked to the top of it, went to the parking lot on different days. This happened every single time. Groups of eight to 12, led by either one or two coyotes of some variety, spotters in the hills above you.

For instance, if we’re here, there’s a hill on our top, picture five people up there watching you, taking pictures of you, filming you as you’re filming these people, and then reporting back to the information to the smugglers here. This happened the entire time I was there. Again, the locals call it Cartel Mountain, as you can see. Border Patrol actually talked to Fox News right before we got there and told them, and I’ll quote, ”We’ve lost control of the mountain.” And that is not hard to believe just watching some of this footage here.

So again, this mountain to me was like the encapsulation of the entire problem. Border Patrol, not enough resources, not enough help. Cartel is doing whatever they want. Human smuggling happening in broad daylight on a hike. Like this is literally a hike that people can do in this area. And I actually talked to people on the trail. They were hiking the trail at the time. And I said, ”What are your thoughts doing this spiritual hike?”

And then by the way, that’s human trafficking. That’s smuggling. Those are people trying to avoid detection. And they were shocked. Some people went home. Some people were totally blown away. So we just, you know, Googled a hike. And this is what we found. This is what’s going on. They’re not hikers. I said, ”No, no, that’s not hiking. That’s not a trail. They’re going to head down into the town from there. That guy in the blue is on his cell phone trying to navigate where Border Patrol is. That’s not hiking.”

 So this right here, just one of the most shocking parts of the entire border. And for me, my role, I feel, is video reporting. Some in front of the camera, mostly video reporting. And video reporting only works if people see it. We’re so grateful that you’re here. We’re grateful for everyone that’s viewed our content. You know, we care a lot about this issue. And again, as a video reporter, you’re putting it out there hoping that things change and hoping that people see it. And a lot of our footage you won’t see anywhere else. So we’re grateful to be here and grateful that you guys are watching and glad that we’re all safe. Thank you. [Audience applauding]

[DAN] This guy is a hero. I would love to be doing what he’s doing right now, but as Peter mentioned, I have a baby at home and another on the way. It’s tough to get away for six weeks. So you’ve seen some of our recording.

This is what we’re doing on a shoestring budget. Imagine if Fox News would put a fraction of what they put into other stuff to expose some of this stuff or any other news outlet, or some wealthy billionaire who owns a tech platform that wants to expose this issue. What could we do?

We could really bring awareness. That’s all we can do right now, bring awareness. And that is working to some degree because Americans are now really confronted with the reality of our open borders and illegal immigration.

And that leads us to our conclusion here. Americans are desperate for authentic border and immigration coverage. You see it when our reports go out: they get tons and tons of attention because no one’s doing this. Very few people. There are a few courageous, independent reporters that are out there on shoestring budgets doing this as well and they are just heroes. And there are a few at the networks that are dedicated to these issues like Ali Bradley and Bill Melugin, Jorge Ventura, they’re doing a great job.

But it’s still not, you know, it’s not nearly enough. We need more.

So people ask me, I actually got this question three times in a day recently. Why do you care? What are you hoping to accomplish with your work? Because it’s an uphill battle. As all of you know, anyone in can tell you, this is a struggle. It’s a damaging, personally damaging, struggle. We’re watching our nation being dragged under the waves figuratively and literally by relentless waves of humanity that won’t stop coming until someone or something makes them stop.

This has been foisted upon us against our will. We were never asked. We are victims of one of the gravest injustices, one of the greatest crimes in the history of mankind.

It’s enraging to encounter story after story of American lives being destroyed by foreign criminals, especially those of children. We witnessed the red carpet being rolled out for invaders while our people, American citizens, veterans suffer and are forced to foot the bill at the same time. We see the condition of our small towns and big cities across the country that are being overwhelmed and trashed by invaders from across the globe. The actual southern border is a burned out, dystopic wasteland. Cities in Mexico are destitute crime-ridden nightmares. The cities opposite them on the U.S. side, like Eagle Pass, El Paso, Tucson, have become dangerous, filthy places. And now many cities further inland, such as Austin, hardly look much better.

The texture of American life is being destroyed and will be lost forever at this rate. We’re finding that Americans are desperate for authentic border and immigration coverage. And we’re seeing that. We get kudos and gratitude at an increasing rate every day. The woman who stopped us in the hotel at Eagle Pass and saw our Border Hawk t-shirts and said, ”Thank you so much for what you’re doing.” The welder in Arizona who was reporting on his own as an anon who welcomed us to his town and said, ”I’m so glad you’re here. Thank you for coming.” Salt of the earth individual.

There are so many like those out there. Border Patrol agents in New Mexico thanking us for exposing these issues, telling us that they’re watching our reports. They’re cheering in the Border Patrol offices. The migrant sympathetic French documentarians who spent two days with us watching what we do and said we changed their minds about the border issues. That documentary is coming out later this year.

The messages that we receive on social media from people who simply say, ”Thank you for saying illegal aliens, not migrants.” The tide is turning. A new Axios poll released this week shows that half of Americans support mass deportations, including 42% of Democrats [Audience applauding]

Even local news outlets seem to be at least hinting at or reporting on the immigration status of criminals in their areas a little bit more than they used to.

It’s getting through a little bit, at least from what I can tell, because the crime wave is unbelievable. It’s relentless all day long and it’s only going to get so much worse in the United States, in Europe, in Australia, New Zealand.

There could come a day when I stop caring so much and relegate the country that I grew up in, my parents grew up in, to the past, as a bittersweet memory of a bygone era.

But for now, we fight. For our ancestors. [Audience applauding] For our ancestors, the courageous conquerors, the settlers, the explorers, who built a magnificent civilization for us against all odds.

And we fight for our children and our grandchildren. And their grandchildren, thank you.

Earlier (last year’s conference) BORDER HAWK’S DAN LYMAN: “We Were Never Asked.”

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