What Next for Tucker Carlson?

What Next for Tucker Carlson?
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Well, it finally happened. On April 24, Fox News host Tucker Carlson was given his walking papers, losing his highly-rated show Tucker Carlson Tonight, which many Americans enjoyed watching.

Reportedly, the decision to fire Tucker was made on the evening of April 21 but he wasn’t informed until the 24th.

Tucker’s enemies were pleased with his expulsion.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) exulted in Tucker’s firing, declaring, “Deplatforming works and it is important.”

And what a coincidence. On April 23, the day before Tucker was informed of his firing but after it had been decided, Rep. AOC appeared in an interview with former White House spokesperson Jen “Circle Back” Psaki.

“When you look at what Tucker Carlson and some of these other folks on Fox do, it is very, very clearly incitement of violence — very clearly incitement of violence,” AOC said.

What? Incitement of violence? That’s ridiculous. Freedom of speech in this country is in danger.

My wife and I were regular viewers of Tucker Carlson’s show. In fact, she was a regular viewer before I was.

What Tucker provided was an original voice in the Mainstream Media. Carlson didn’t just follow the crowd, not even the GOP crowd.

Tucker frequently reported on the bad state of our border, and even discussed the demographic issue.

That topic is sometimes referred to as “The Great Replacement." It involves the importation of future Democratic party voters. It’s a taboo subject if you’re against it. But if you support it, you can publicly rejoice over it.

Congresswoman AOC, remember, thinks deplatforming Tucker was a good thing.

If Tucker Carlson, with his high visibility and high ratings, could get deplatformed, what about the rest of us?

If I had Tucker Carlson’s attention, I would recommend that he get on some sort of broadcasting platform as soon as possible, while his firing from Fox is still fresh on people’s minds.

“Strike while the iron is hot” and get right back to broadcasting, Tucker!

In 2018, Tucker Carlson was interviewed by John Hinderaker of The American Experiment.  This was during the Trump administration. Despite being five years ago, what he said about immigration and the media is still quite true, sad to say.

“I think it’s pretty hard to justify, for example, their (liberals’) position on immigration except to the extent it helps them. In other words, what we’re doing doesn’t benefit most Americans. It benefits a small number of Americans who want cheap housekeepers, and that’s kind of what everyone in my neighborhood has got. They’re happy about that, and they don’t want that to be challenged in any way.  But you can’t say that the average person is getting anything out of this.”

Tucker spoke about specific social problems caused by mass immigration:

“It’s destroyed schools across the country. It’s made the country itself unstable. Forty-four percent of all California households don’t speak English at home. How do you have a cohesive country with that?”

It’s not just California. The state of Minnesota, like all other states, is now a border state.  

“It’s caused a ton of problems here in Minneapolis, I’m aware. And no one’s allowed to say anything. Shut up and obey. Maybe you think we need to move all of Mogadishu to Minneapolis. Maybe we do. Maybe there’s some justification for that, but here’s my only point. Tell me what it is. Explain it to me. How am I going to be happier and more prosperous when we do that? When the last Mogadishan lands at Minneapolis-St. Paul, why should I celebrate? And ‘shut up, racist’ is not a real answer. That’s all I’m saying.”

These are all valid points, and the public needs to hear them.

Border Hawk is an excellent resource for keeping up with immigration news. There is so much going on and BorderHawk.news has plenty of links to plenty of stories.

Meanwhile, thank you to Tucker Carlson and we wish him the best.

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