What Should Texas Do With Illegal Aliens? Send Them Back Across the Rio Grande!

What Should Texas Do With Illegal Aliens? Send Them Back Across the Rio Grande!
Texas Military Dept.

In my previous column, I discussed Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s border invasion declaration, which he actually issued in July but has been publicizing recently.

Gov. Abbott even wrote a letter to Biden openly explaining what he is doing.

Abbott is in a difficult situation and deserves credit for doing more than any other governor on this issue.

However, the border invasion is an enormous problem. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Could Abbott really seal off the border of Texas with Mexico? He has a number of state agencies at his disposal, and he should also get more help from other states who could send their own personnel to help Texas at the border.

It was recently reported that Abbott was sending tanks to the border. They are actually M113 Armored Personnel Carriers, not tanks. We used those M113’s when I was in the Texas Army National Guard.

But hey, if it helps control the border, what’s the problem?

But what about deportation? Could the state of Texas carry out massive deportations back to Mexico?

Ken Cuccinelli was the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under the previous federal administration.

Cuccinelli had this to say in a recent interview: "If the goal is actually to reduce the harm to Texas, then he [Abbott] needs to start using the invasion authority to return people to Mexico… This is just catch-and-release with state officials. Everybody knows an invasion exists, but to actually repel it … means putting people crossing the border back into Mexico."

Good point.

Gov. Abbott is still bussing illegals out of Texas to points further north.

He laid out the latest details of his bussing operation in a recent tweet.

I get it. These illegals were, in effect, dumped on the state of Texas. So the Abbott administration ships them out (with their own consent) to northern, liberal cities whose inhabitants claimed to care about illegal aliens but didn’t plan to have too many of them around.

It shows the hypocrisy of elitist mass immigration boosters.

But enough is enough. Abbott has proven his point and gotten over 13,000 illegals out of his state. But how many remain?

Instead of shipping illegals north, Gov. Abbott should use those resources to deport them back across the border into Mexico.

After all, it’s closer and should be less expensive.

Plus, it’s more effective in the long run.

It would get the attention of future wannabe migrants and of the Mexican government, which cynically allows hordes of non-Mexicans to cross through Mexican territory into the United States.

So how could Abbott do it?

Well, here’s a suggestion from the aforementioned Ken Cuccinelli: "We are asking them to set up a ferry service all up and down the Rio Grande using Texas boats. The minute people come into Texas, put them on a boat, take them back over to Mexico and drop them off.  This is a war power, the state power to repel an invasion. We're just asking them to use it."

That sounds like a great idea. It would be quick and effective. It would be cheaper than keeping them locked up.

It would also send a strong message to the Biden administration, the Mexican government, potential invaders, and globalists worldwide.

Governor Abbott, get those boats on the river and start sending invaders back, pronto!

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