Biden Visits the Border and Mayorkas Tells Us the Bottom Line

Biden Visits the Border and Mayorkas Tells Us the Bottom Line
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Well, President Joe Biden has finally visited the border, not that it made much difference.

On his way to an official visit to Mexico, Biden and company stopped in El Paso, Texas – a scene of the ongoing Biden Border Rush.

El Paso is a city so overwhelmed by border crossers that the Democratic mayor has taken to busing them north, just as Texas Governor Abbott and Florida Governor DeSantis have been doing.

But preparations had been made and Biden’s visit was carefully managed so as not to show the chaos unleashed by his own administration’s policies.

On the way to El Paso, Biden’s sidekick Alejandro Mayorkas made some comments that were illuminating, yet unsurprising.

Mayorkas is the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

He has repeatedly claimed the border is secure.

On the face of it, that seems ridiculous. But then again, maybe Mayorkas has different goals for the border, as his past and present comments indicate.

While onboard Air Force One en route to El Paso, Mayorkas spoke to reporters about the border.

He discussed the new app available for foreigners who want to enter the United States. It’s a mobile application for border crossers called CBP One.

According to Mayorkas, its purpose is to "identify a pre-designated date and time at which an individual can arrive at a port of entry to make the claim of asylum.”

In other words, the purpose of the app is to make an appointment to enter the U.S. – just like you’d make an appointment to go to the dentist.

A reporter asked for clarification: “So, the idea is not that they’ll have to ask for asylum in Mexico, but rather they’ll have to use the app to ask for asylum in the U.S. and then stay until they’re —

Mayorkas: “What we’re trying to do is — and more broadly — incentivize a safe and orderly way and cut out the smuggling organizations.  So, what we’re trying to have them do is incentivize them to come to the ports of entry, instead of in between the ports of entry.”

So, that’s the goal. It’s an abuse of the asylum process, which has just become another way to get into the United States.

“So, what we’re trying to do is incentivize individuals through the CBP One application to make an appointment and to come at the port of entry to cut out the smuggling organizations,” Mayorkas said.

Don’t expect Mayorkas to talk about the importance of controlling the border. As his remarks here make clear, the goal is simply to get people to come to ports of entry.

This is consistent with what Mayorkas said in an interview this past May:
It is the objective of the Biden administration to make sure that we have safe, orderly, and legal pathways for individuals to be able to access our legal system.”

What we’re dealing with is not governmental incompetence.

It’s a government policy to bring in large amounts of people by circumventing the regular immigration system. The government is illegally legalizing masses of illegal aliens.

If they can just get them into the country, they know it’s unlikely they will be deported, although of course they should be.

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The difficulty in stopping this is that Biden’s party controls the Senate, the media and the executive branch.

The executive branch can simply do what it wants. If it doesn’t like an immigration law it can just not enforce it.

This is what we’re up against. But we’d better do something while we still can.

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