House Republicans Need to Go Scorched Earth on the Border Crisis

House Republicans Need to Go Scorched Earth on the Border Crisis
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The Biden administration is managing an illegal invasion of the United States, bringing in millions of unvetted foreigners in order to transform the country.

Is there anything the House of Representatives can do to improve the border situation?

What about Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy? What could he do about the border?

Two years ago, a pundit at VDARE wrote, “In Kevin McCarthy’s nihilist view, America is just a continent-wide shopping mall.”

Strong words. Is that a correct summation of McCarthy’s view? I would love to see Speaker McCarthy disprove it.

If we asked Kevin McCarthy if he cares about the border, he would say that he does.

But if he does, why doesn’t he make it a bigger priority? Honestly, what happens on the border is of much greater importance to the future of the United States than either the Ukraine-Russia war or whatever Hunter Biden did.

Why doesn’t McCarthy put the border on the front burner and confront the administration?

He could deliver a special address to the nation, explaining what exactly is happening and why it needs to stop.

In a previous article, I referred to the House Congressional Committee’s questioning of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. Rep. Matt Gaetz really let him have it, good for Gaetz.

But more must be done.

The House should expand on what they did with Mayorkas and hold a whole series of public hearings. Publicize the true state of the border. Bring local people from border regions to testify. Bring widows and mothers of Americans killed by illegal aliens. Bring experts on the topic.

Bring government officials. Grill them. Make an example of them.

Why not appoint a special counsel to oversee a public investigation of Biden border policies?

What about impeachment? Granted, even if the House impeaches an official in the Biden administration, the Senate is not going to vote to remove.

But look at what Congress did to Trump when they impeached him while failing to remove him. They got a lot of publicity.

Impeach President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Secretary Mayorkas, etc. Impeach ‘em all.

Use the impeachment process as a way to educate the public and discredit the administration’s border policies.

The House can’t pass laws without the Senate. So we have to be realistic.

But the House can prevent worse laws from being passed. Representatives can make a lot of noise and inform the public.

If he were really serious about the border, Speaker McCarthy could announce that no bills will be passed until the Biden Border Rush is ended.

No budgets. No continuing resolutions. No appointments. No aid for Ukraine. No proclamations for things like National Mustard Day. Nothing.

This would, at least, get their attention.

The fiscal year ends on September 30. Couldn’t that be used as leverage to pressure the administration on the border?

Why can’t the border be the big issue for budget negotiations?

Stephen Miller, former Trump administration official and founder of America First Legal, tweeted this on July 25: “Biden is now pushing the majority of illegals to our ports of entry to be directly escorted ('paroled') into the US. This is an impeachable high crime. The House must end it by refusing to appropriate a single dollar for it in the appropriations bills. (Funding expires Sept. 30).”

According to Article I, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution, “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives…”  

How about using that prerogative to fix the border?

The House of Representatives, under the leadership of Speaker McCarthy, could be doing a whole lot more to make the border the number one issue.

Even if all of these suggestions were to fail, an emphasis on the border would serve to educate the public and prepare the ground for the presidential and congressional elections in 2024.

Why isn’t McCarthy taking the lead on this issue?

How about your congressional representative? What is he or she doing about the border?

You might contact your representative and ask about that. Click here to do that.

The House needs to get serious about the border.

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