LISTEN: Border Hawk on Raw Egg Nationalist Podcast

LISTEN: Border Hawk on Raw Egg Nationalist Podcast
In the Raw
IN THE RAW 17: Dan Lyman
I talk with Dan the Man about Infowars, the collapse at the southern border and life as the singer in a fairly well known indie band…

Dan Lyman and I are both alumni of Tucker Carlson’s documentary The End of Men, which aired on Fox back in September 2022 (I can’t believe it’s been that long!). We’ve lifted together and slonked together for the cameras at an unspecified location in Texas, but we’ve actually known each other for much longer. That means we’ve got plenty to talk about, both personal and professional.

Dan is known particularly as the Infowars Europe correspondent — that’s how I first came into contact with him — but he’s added other strings to his bow, not least of all helping to found the organisation Border Hawk. Border Hawk is all about raising awareness of the disaster at America’s southern border: the deliberate collapse that’s taking place under the orchestration of NGOs, criminal organisations and the US government itself. Border Hawk is doing amazing investigative reporting from the border, as well as providing an extremely useful news aggregator on its site. Last year I wrote an op-ed for Border Hawk about climate migration.

Dan and I talk about all sorts of things, from slonking to mass immigration and life as the singer in a touring indie band. Dan even gets attacked by a boomer on a lawnmower at one point during the interview… or was it an AC unit? I can’t remember…

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