New York Times Offers Winning Campaign Advice for Republicans - But Will They Take It?

New York Times Offers Winning Campaign Advice for Republicans - But Will They Take It?
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The next U.S. presidential and congressional elections are scheduled for November 5, 2024.

That’s less than 14 months away.

Here at Border Hawk, we are not permitted to endorse candidates or legislation, but we can analyze the ongoing politics of immigration.

Believe it or not, the New York Times, of all papers, recently published an article containing information that serves as useful advice for Republican candidates, though it probably wasn’t their intention to help the GOP.

The article, written by Jonathan Weisman and Nicholas Fandos, has this curious title: "G.O.P. Gets the Democratic Border Crisis It Wanted"

The piece covers complaints of multiple Democrats in state and local leadership: New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, and Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey.

These three are complaining about the Biden-invited illegal aliens flocking to their cities and state. The writers point out that only a fraction of the illegals flooding northern jurisdictions were bussed to them by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Weisman and Fandos put it this way: “Now, suddenly, some Democrats are sounding remarkably like Republicans.”

Mayor Adams of the Big Apple, for example, declared that this migrant wave “will destroy New York City."

The article presents this as a political gift for the Republican Party: “For Republicans, the response to Mr. Abbott’s gambit has gone beyond what they could have hoped for — a spreading of the pain, as millions of migrants stream across the southern border, fleeing violence and poverty, drawn to what they see as a more welcoming administration in Washington and plentiful work.”

“Democrats seem paralyzed by a surge of urban migration that has defied easy answers — and increasingly threatens their political aspirations, from crucial tossup congressional races in the suburbs of New York City to the race for the White House.”

The writers report, “Democrats in the cities continue to castigate their Republican opponents for using migrants as political weapons, with little regard for their health or safety. Last month, a 3-year-old child traveling to Chicago on a Texas-funded bus became ill, was put on an ambulance and later died at a hospital. The party’s candidates are quick to point out that Republicans deserve a large share of blame for blocking previous attempts to enact a bipartisan immigration overhaul in Washington.”

Of course, Weisman and Fandos felt compelled to include that tragic tale.

And it's imporant to note that, by “bipartisan immigration overhaul,” national Democrats actually mean some sort of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Nevertheless, the next paragraph reads thusly:

“But many Democrats realize complaints only go so far as they enter an election year, when immigration, border security and appeals to nativism from Mr. Trump and his imitators will roil the electorate far from the Mexican border.”

That may be a backhanded way of saying that opposing the Biden Border Rush could help Republicans in the election.

The article quotes Democratic party strategist Howard Wolfson, who said, “The potency of the issue has not abated, and Democrats who think that it has are fooling themselves. This is not just going to be a local New York City or Chicago or Boston issue. This is going to be top of mind for voters all over the country next year, and my strong advice to the White House is they need to get off the sidelines and take action to address this.”

It seems that if Republicans use the issue effectively – by no means a foregone conclusion – closing the border could be a winning issue.

Also, check out this Daily Caller headline from September 12: "A Huge Percentage Of New York City Now Supports Trump’s Border Wall After Massive Migrant Influx"

The article reports on a Siena College poll that found, “Approximately 41% of New Yorkers said they support the construction of a wall spanning the entire length of the southern border, as opposed to 50% who don’t…”

Well, give ‘em another month. Let’s see how polls look then.

The bottom line: In the 2024 election, Republican candidates who run on fixing the border might well be successful. The New York Times says so!

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